I live and breath in this cycle:

1) Be here

2) Be now

3) Start at 1) again


I drink a lot of Green Tea. One of my neighbours said once that she had never seen my drive my car without drinking tea or brushing my teeth at the same time. That was in the countryside, alright, but try it! Brushing teeth while driving is amazing! So much time! So clean teeth! But if the world was less built by the clock I would bicycle…..

Meditation and qigong are part of my every-day routine. Walks in forests are my medicine. I am a free, happy human. I love my children. I love all children. I love humans. I love to play and create.
I follow the flow of a movement but stay in the power of the now at the same time. When I was chosen as ” one of the best weddingphotographers in Sweden “ and my business was blooming, when I got published in magazines, when I got request from all over the place abroad to shoot weddings, when I got payed more and more I had reached a goal. Thought “now what?”

So I stopped.

I only shot a couple of weddings the next three years.

But I am back again. More grounded. I could not have done it any other way. I had to log out. But being a photographer is not an active choise. Being a photographer chose me. I had lost my dreaming ….

I have always worked with human beings. Older ones, younger ones, youth, middle aged ones, handicapped people, people with behavioral disorders, violent people, sad people, happy people. So that was what I got back to.  I worked with “explosive children”.  My strength is to really meet up, soft and aware, getting true relation and use collaborative problem solving. I think it is my genuine interest in humans that also somehow shows in the pictures and in my films.

When I meet you we will just be humans open to create a “now” TOGETHER. Just by simply being. It´s the simplest thing if we are fully present. And it will not be because of ME. I will just be there. But “now”.

It is not a joke: Meditation really is my most powerful tool in a simple toolbox. Meditation comes before (and after) camera-equipment. That is why I need a quiet moment in nature to anchor myself sometimes if I shoot a full day wedding for example. That way I stay being “the best” photographer.

If very sharp and very colourful is what you mainly want I have lots of lovely collegues that I can recommend to you. Just ask. I am of a more dreamy character. Black and white happens to me all the time and I love the softest, dim colours of nature. I relax in dull and grey and rainy. November is my favourite month. Don’t misunderstand me, I know which button to press, which lense to use and I do love sun too  (I even dress up for the wedding). But it is not about what I love. Art is art. It just happens. Sometimes sharp and still, sometimes moving like a film…

I have been around in this business since 2007 and the highest and most conscious professional experience I have is the presens. That’s all but wow! does it help me evolve and wow! do my heart explode and wow! do I think: I FEEL THIS IS GOING TO BE THE BEST SHOOT I’VE EVER BEEN PART OF! The answer is YES!

Every time.

I am 46 years old. I have done so much in my life. After growing up close to and in the archipelago of the Swedish coast I hit the road around eighteen and spent 2 years in New York working as an au pair, studied English and IT at University of North London, travelled near and far, always photographing, meditated and speaking to trees and herbs, being creative. I have studied Traditional Chineese Medicine for Grandmaster Fan Xiulan, instructing qigong and meditation to groups and individually (still do, I practise qigong every day). I have worked in the Real Estate business, in the reception at hotels, with gardens, homecare. My Life is just like breathing; in. and out. Breathe all that pulse in, let it go. Sometimes in busy cities and sometimes in solitary places. I have retreated as a fish-cleaner on a small, wild island in Norway during the darkest winter ever with no natural light for 3 months writing, I have attended a inner healing-journey over the years and connected deeply with shamans of the last inka-people, the qero people (still do). But my biggest adventure by far is becoming a mother of two beautiful daughters. They teach me all there is to know about being human. We spent about 13 years in a small cottage in the forest almost self-sufficiency in vegetables and fruits, spending time as a family close to nature. My life is about traveling. The world is large, space is vast but the longest and deepest travels goes inside of me….

I have worked as a Gardner Supervisor with teenage groups. I love to work with groups. How easy it is to see when souls come together that we are all here for eachother, to again, travel deep into ourselves.

The Point is (I use many letters, I know) I have almost always worked close to and with human beings.

I am secure. I am simple. The frequency I vibrate at is low. I am earth. I do my thing and I hold space. I want to play and rest at the same time with what is. Too me all is equally beautiful. I am a Scorpio. I am a Phoenix. And I love to follow you, who-ever you are.



Every moment is a holy now. Maybe I can walk beside you and assist making a dream come true or just creating memories of this very Holy now?